SnapLock™: The Nail-Free Solution for Gutter Installations

SnapLock™: The Nail-Free Solution for Gutter Installations

December 28, 2018

Gutters are a component of your home’s roofing system that serves one purpose—to channel water away from your property during times of rain or snow. Funnily enough, they’re also one of the main causes of early roof and home exterior deterioration as a result of water damage.

SnapLock™: The Nail-Free Solution for Gutter Installations

Gutter Helmet® of Eastern NY, your go-to source of seamless gutters in the area, offers a solution for preventing water penetration. Learn more about SnapLock™ in today’s blog.

Traditional Method of Attaching Gutters

It’s worth noting how gutter installations usually go. Typical gutter attachment involves the use of nails and screws, which help secure the gutters to the roofline or fascia. This setup ensures that both rainwater and snowmelt flow to the downspouts via the trough or metal channel inside the gutters.

This method, however, has been proven to increase the risk of slow but steady failure of the gutter system and its surrounding components. As it turns out, small amounts of water may find their way out of the trough and into the wooden parts of the roof, introducing moisture that can lead to the growth of rot and mold. Not only that, but water seepage can also lead to the accumulation of rust in the gutter system.

Solving These Problems Through SnapLock

SnapLock is a nail-free gutter attachment system that changes the way gutter installation is performed. It utilizes a “no-hole” technology that eliminates the need to penetrate any part of the gutters. This results in a watertight connection between the gutter and the edge of the roof. In this way, SnapLock protects your gutter system from moisture and keeps it looking beautiful for years.

Together with high-quality replacement gutters and our Gutter Helmet system, this gutter attachment system gives homeowners a permanent solution to protect against the damaging effects of rust and rot. You can have all this when you work with a reputable gutter company like Gutter Helmet of Eastern NY.

Turn to us for your gutter replacement and protection needs. Call us at (866) 252-9400 to learn more. You may also fill out our contact form to request a free estimate.

Hear From Our Customers

We just had gutters installed on our house. It was pouring rain, cold, and we still had piles of snow in the areas that they had to work in. They showed up on time, never complained and had all gutters installed in less than three pouring rain! They were great, and we are extremely satisfied!

This is the second time I have hired Gutter Helmet of Eastern NY to install gutters on my home. They have an outstanding product! The work is done extremely well and professionally. I highly recommend them for all your home improvement needs.

The crew installed our gutters and completed the job in less time than anticipated. They were friendly, hardworking and cleaned up after they were done. I would recommend Gutter Helmet of Eastern NY to any home owner who needs new gutters.

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