Helmet Heat®: A WorthWhile Investment This Winter

Helmet Heat®: A WorthWhile Investment This Winter

December 14, 2018

Ice forming on the eaves of roofs is one problem homeowners face during winter. Snowmelt that is supposed to flow through the gutters and into downspouts often ends up sitting in the metal channels, filling the gutters with solid ice during cold weather. The weight of the ice then causes gutters to sag, damaging the roofline and your home’s exterior.

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Before this happens, consider installing Gutter Helmet®, the leading gutter protection system on the market today, which comes with a supplementary Helmet Heat® Ice Reduction System. Gutter Helmet of Eastern NY, your local source of heated gutters in the area, explains how it works.

Helmet Heat in a Nutshell

This ice reduction system works to reduce the occurrence of snowmelt refreezing once it hits the roof’s colder eaves. Installed underneath the gutter protection system, it raises the gutter temperature above freezing, providing the roof, gutters, and downspouts further protection against heavy loads that can lead to frost erosion and damage.

The Secret Behind Helmet Heat

Helmet Heat utilizes self-regulating cables composed of two parallel nickel-coated bus-conductors that serve as the heating element, with an extruded irradiated conductive core in between. These components are further protected by an outer jacket made of a modified polyolefin. They’re installed underneath the Gutter Helmet system to ensure the optimal performance of the system and the sleek appearance of the roofline.

Ambient temperature changes engage the heat cables’ core. Whenever the temperatures reach near or below freezing, it heats up just enough to melt ice. Helmet Heat can even reach up to about 150°F for longer periods as needed.

A Worthwhile Investment

With winter now here, consider adding Helmet Heat to your existing gutter cover. In addition to protecting your gutters and roof from potential ice damage and early deterioration, the system is low-maintenance and doesn’t require tremendous amounts of upkeep. It also doesn’t pose an electrical hazard since it is equipped with a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

Get in touch with Gutter Helmet of Eastern NY for your gutter protection systems and replacement gutters. We’re your trusted Gutter Helmet dealer in this area, and we’re ready to offer you worry-free solutions for your gutters and home. Call us at (866) 252-9400. You may also fill out our contact form to request a free estimate.


Hear From Our Customers

The crew installed our gutters and completed the job in less time than anticipated. They were friendly, hardworking and cleaned up after they were done. I would recommend Gutter Helmet of Eastern NY to any home owner who needs new gutters.

This is the second time I have hired Gutter Helmet of Eastern NY to install gutters on my home. They have an outstanding product! The work is done extremely well and professionally. I highly recommend them for all your home improvement needs.

We just had gutters installed on our house. It was pouring rain, cold, and we still had piles of snow in the areas that they had to work in. They showed up on time, never complained and had all gutters installed in less than three hours....in pouring rain! They were great, and we are extremely satisfied!

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