Factors That Contribute to Gutter Corrosion

Factors That Contribute to Gutter Corrosion

September 12, 2019

Corrosion is the natural-born enemy of any metal component in your home, including your gutter system. This issue impacts both the appearance and the functionality of the gutters, leading to diminished curb appeal and an increased potential for exterior property damage. In today’s blog post, Gutter Helmet® of Eastern NY, your local Gutter Helmet installer, takes a look at the factors that contribute to this problem.

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Poor Handling and Storage

In a gutter replacement project, it is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure safe handling and proper storage of the new system. In-transit dents or scrapes can make the metal surface more vulnerable to future corrosion. Proper pre-installation storage must also be observed to prevent the gutters from exposure to the elements. For example, the metal sections must be laid flat rather than vertically or diagonally. Also, hazardous chemicals must be stored separately from the gutters.

Inadequate Installation

Proper handling of the replacement gutters extends to the installation process . Brackets, screws, fasteners and other important hardware must be properly attached to the sections and downspouts. Otherwise, these components can puncture the surface, damaging the protective coating, which then exposes the base metal to the elements. With high-quality gutters, all parts are manufactured from the same type of material to prevent this issue.

Gutter Cleaning

You could be unknowingly damaging the metal components of your gutters through your approach to gutter cleaning. Using a power washer, for instance, can cause dents. Scrubbing the surface using scrapers and brushes that are not soft-bristled or blunt-edged can reveal scratches. The gutters’ protective coating may weaken and chip off when you use cleaning solutions that contain solvents or abrasive granules.

An immediate replacement is required if your existing gutters have too much corrosion. For this project, turn to Gutter Helmet of Eastern NY. We install top-of-the-line seamless heated gutters, thanks to Helmet Heat®, an exclusive heat-regulating cable that helps prevent ice and snow buildup.

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