Reliable Gutter Guards Available to Albany, NY, Homeowners

Gutter Helmet gutter guardsAre you one of the countless homeowners who have invested in a high-performance gutter system but still must balance precariously atop a ladder to clean out clogs? This doesn’t have to be your fate, as Gutter Helmet of Eastern NY offers gutter guards that will ensure you never have to risk your safety climbing a ladder again. We install the top-of-the-line Gutter Helmet® gutter protection system that is the missing piece your Albany, New York, home’s gutter system is lacking. We have more than 40 years of home improvement experience and make customer satisfaction our top priority. We’d love the opportunity to add you to our extensive list of satisfied customers.

What Is Gutter Helmet?

Gutter Helmet has been recognized as “America’s No. 1 Choice in Gutter Protection,” and for good reason. Our gutter guards, which are available in an array of attractive colors, are designed to allow the free flow of rainwater into the gutter troughs while keeping leaves, twigs, and other debris out. They also come with a lifetime no-clog guarantee and a Triple Lifetime Warranty, so you’ll have peace of mind about your investment.

Some of the unique features of Gutter Helmet gutter covers include:

  • A patented nose-forward design and a slit that filters out twigs, leaves, and other debris
  • A textured surface that allows the system to handle up to 22 inches of rainfall per hour—almost twice the heaviest rainfall ever recorded in the U.S.
  • A PermaLife Finish that protects against acid rain and salt water and will help your gutter guards to avoid corrosion.
  • Heavy-duty mounting brackets that will ensure your gutter guards remain in place during severe weather conditions.

Want to Prevent Ice Dams?

Your gutter system is just as important during the winter months as it is during the summer. The runoff from melting snow needs a place to go, so it’s important that your gutters aren’t clogged by ice and snow. Keeping your gutters ice-free can be difficult during freeze/thaw cycles when the sun melts snow during the day and then freezing nighttime temperatures cause ice formation. This can result in ice dams near your gutters that prevent them from functioning properly.

If you want to avoid this problem, we offer the Helmet Heat® Ice Reduction System. This involves a heated cable system that is installed under your Gutter Helmet covers and melts any ice that forms in the gutters and downspouts. It also reduces the chances of dangerous icicles forming on your gutters or roof edge.

What Happens When You Don’t Have Gutter Guards?

If your home is surrounded by trees and your gutters aren’t protected, the result can be clogged gutters that don’t divert rainwater away from your home. This can lead to water damage to your home’s roof, soffit, fascia, siding, landscaping, and foundation. Additionally, a clogged gutter system can lead to:

  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Pest issues, as rodents, birds, and snakes could take up residence in your gutters
  • A greater risk of fire due to dried-out twigs and leaves in your gutters

Also Offering High-Performance Gutter Systems

We’re not just a gutter protection company, as we also install seamless aluminum gutter systems. Formed from a single piece of metal, our gutters are made from heavy-gauge aluminum that can stand up to severe weather and resist corrosion. They’re available in a wide array of colors, so you’ll have no problem choosing gutters that will blend into your home’s exterior color scheme.

Schedule a Consultation

Gutter Helmet of Eastern NY is proud to offer the best gutter guards on the market. If you’d like to learn more, contact us today and we’ll schedule a time to visit your Albany-area home to provide a no-obligation consultation.

Hear From Our Customers

We just had gutters installed on our house. It was pouring rain, cold, and we still had piles of snow in the areas that they had to work in. They showed up on time, never complained and had all gutters installed in less than three pouring rain! They were great, and we are extremely satisfied!

This is the second time I have hired Gutter Helmet of Eastern NY to install gutters on my home. They have an outstanding product! The work is done extremely well and professionally. I highly recommend them for all your home improvement needs.

The crew installed our gutters and completed the job in less time than anticipated. They were friendly, hardworking and cleaned up after they were done. I would recommend Gutter Helmet of Eastern NY to any home owner who needs new gutters.

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