7 Signs You Need New Gutters Soon

7 Signs You Need New Gutters Soon

June 05, 2018

Replacing your broken gutters and downspouts too late can be a costly mistake. After all, your best defense against water damage is a functional gutter system. Here are the red flags of gutter failure to be on the lookout for:

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1. Extensive Cracking

Obvious cracks or splits in your gutters is a wakeup call that you need a new system. These problems might seem minor, but without repair or replacement they will quickly worsen. Turn to a trusted professional for new gutter installation.

2. Compromised Paint

Is the finish on your siding chipping or peeling? If so this could be a sign that your gutters aren’t working properly. Faulty gutters can cause water to pour over your roof, drenching your siding.

3. Mold Invasion

Another sign of malfunctioning gutters is a moldy basement. Leaky gutters could increase the rate of moisture accumulation near the foundation of your home, leading to leaks in your basement.

4. Seam Failure

The weakest spot of the traditional, sectional gutter system is the point where two sections meet. The moment seams lose their tight seal, leakage becomes inevitable. To avoid this issue, replace your faulty system with seamless gutters.

5. Ruined Landscaping

Soil erosion is one of the lesser-known consequences of bad gutters. Spillage or leakage could ruin perfectly good landscaping.

6. Ponding Water

Downspouts are designed to direct rainwater safely away from your property. If you notice pools of water around the foundation, it means your gutters and downspouts have failed and that gutters replacement is needed.

7. Severe Sagging

Gutters and downspouts that pull away from the house are begging for replacement. Not only does this issue render your gutters ineffective; it also presents a safety hazard.

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