5 Reasons Gutter Helmet Is Better Than Gutter Whiskers

5 Reasons Gutter Helmet Is Better Than Gutter Whiskers

February 14, 2019

Bottle brush gutter guards like Gutter Whiskers may be a common gutter protection product, but there are far superior alternatives. In this blog, aluminum gutters expert Gutter Helmet® of Eastern NY shares the reasons Gutter Helmet is the better choice.

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1. Gutter Helmet Doesn’t Leave the Gutters Exposed

Gutter Whiskers is made of lengths of oversized bottle brushes that fill the gutters. The idea is to keep leaves out of the gutters, but the bristles are not fine enough to filter out dirt and small leaves, which defeats the point of the system. Gutter Helmet is a superior design because it prevents all debris, no matter how small, from entering the gutters.

2. Gutter Helmet Is More Convenient

Gutter Whiskers actually makes it more difficult to keep the gutters clean. Once small leaves and dirt get in, not even rainwater can push them out; they just stay in the gutters. This doubles the amount of work needed to clean the gutters. In addition to taking the brushes out and cleaning them, you’ll still have to clean the gutters too. Gutter Helmet eliminates all this tedious cleaning work by preventing even the smallest solid materials from getting in.

3. Gutter Helmet Prevents Overflowing Rainwater

Gutter Whiskers is a gutter filter system that occupies a significant amount of gutter space. This reduces gutter capacity, which is something you don’t want during heavy rainfall and snowfall. Gutter Helmet doesn’t obstruct any part of the gutters, allowing your gutters to function at full capacity.

4. Gutter Helmet Can Be Fitted With Heaters

During winter, ice dams are a serious risk to your gutters and roofs. Bristles won’t be able to save your gutters when this happens, but Gutter Helmet can. Our Gutter Helmet systems can be optionally equipped with Helmet Heat, which stops ice accumulation by keeping the Gutter Helmet surface warm.

5. Gutter Helmet Simply Looks Better

Gutter Whiskers is unsightly because it is made of tiny hairs. Gutter Helmet, however, adds a clean look to your gutters, as the gutter cap creates a smooth roofline.

To learn more about Gutter Helmet, call Gutter Helmet of Eastern NY today at (866) 252-9400. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule your free in-home consultation.

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This is the second time I have hired Gutter Helmet of Eastern NY to install gutters on my home. They have an outstanding product! The work is done extremely well and professionally. I highly recommend them for all your home improvement needs.

The crew installed our gutters and completed the job in less time than anticipated. They were friendly, hardworking and cleaned up after they were done. I would recommend Gutter Helmet of Eastern NY to any home owner who needs new gutters.

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